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Welcome To ORGANIC Certification Centre

Divya Yog Mandir Trust (DYMT) is a Regional Council authorized by National Centre of Organic Farming (NCOF) under PGS-INDIA Programme for All India. DYMT has established an “ORGANIC CERTIFICATION CENTRE” to fulfil the objectives of the Regional Council.

The ORGANIC Certification centre will provide its services in the states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and cover other states as per the requirements and permissions granted. It will converge with national and state governments as well as other stakeholders to promote Organic Farming and provide services as per PGS-INDIA guidelines.

Our Vision

ORGANIC Certification centre aims to be a prominent agency that helps farming communities including small and marginal farmers in improving their livelihoods by enhancing their incomes without overexploitation of local natural resources but caring for their culture, values, environment, and biodiversity vis-à-vis ensuring healthy chemical-free foods to the consumers.

Our Mission

ORGANIC Certification centre with its able leadership, competence, alliance and participatory approach will work to achieve its vision of conservation of biodiversity, environment, culture, values, and promoting organic farming for sustainable livelihoods and providing farming communities with technical assistance, certification, developing linkages, and networking with different stakeholders.

PGS-India Green logo on the food product means that the products obtained from the agricultural fields are under process of conversion and confirms to the NSOP.

PGS-India Organic logo refers to the products obtained from the fully organic agricultural fields and also confirms to the NSOP.

  • 1. PGS certification is based on mutual trust
  • 2. Members of the PGS are known to each other.
  • 3. Peer appraisals are done by the known group or farmer.
  • 4. Paper requirements for PGS certification is minimum in comparison to the Third Party Certification.
  • 5. farmer can sell their product as Organic that can fetch better price in the market by spending minimum annual fee for certification.
  • 6. Good for environment (soil, water, biodiversity) as PGS does not permit use of dangerous agrichemicals.
  • 7. Good for farmer as it fetches better price over chemically grown food
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